7763 Diploma

If you are an established groomer and have successfully completed the City & Guilds 7763-03 Level 3 Introductory qualification, you can still complete the Level 3 Diploma part of this providing your registration is still valid. If your registration has expired it may be possible to re-register you with City & Guilds giving you until December 2020 to complete. If your registration end date expired during the Covid 19 pandemic you may be eligible for an extension to your registration until December 2020 to enable you to complete. For further information on re-registering please contact us by phone. 

If you do not complete the 7763-03 Level 3 Diploma by December 2020 you will remain Level 3 Introductory qualified. Alternatively you can qualify by completing 7763-02 - Level 2 Dog Groomers Assistant followed by 7863-03 - Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma.