Dog Grooming Qualifications

There are many different qualifications available for dog grooming. There are no regulations that require you to have a dog grooming qualification to start your own grooming business. However, as dog grooming is a hands on job, hands on practical training is highly recommended; an online course is not sufficient.

The City & Guilds qualifications are:

• 7763-02 Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants
• 7763-03 Level 3 Certificate in Introductory Dog Grooming
• 7763-03 Level 3 Diploma for Professional Dog Stylists
• 7863-03 Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming

It is a requirement to achieve the City & Guilds Level 2 qualification before you can take the City & Guilds 7863 Level 3 Diploma.
Summit’s training centres offer the  Level 2 Dog Groomers Assistant leading into the 7863 Level 3 Diploma if required. Our centres can also offer completion of the 7763 Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in  Dog Grooming providing registration with City & Guilds is in date.

Already established as a groomer or Groomers Assistant?

Established groomers or groomers’ assistants do not need to complete a full course although they will be required to attend a pre-qualification assessment. As a result of this assessment they may be advised to attend some tuition to reach the required standard. The qualification assessments can then be completed over a shorter period of time depending on the qualification being taken.

If you are an established groomer and have already successfully completed the original 7763-03-City & Guilds Level 3 Introductory qualification, you can still go on to complete the Level 3 Diploma part of this providing you are still within the 3 year registration period.  Please see the bottom of this page for information on the 7763-03-Dog Grooming Diploma.

If your registration has expired you will not be able to complete the 7763-03 Level 3 Diploma. At this point you can either remain at the Level 3 Introductory level or you can start from scratch with the new qualification and complete the 7763-02-Level 2 Dog Groomers Assistant followed by the new 7863-03 Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma as explained in the first paragraph.

New Qualification Structure

7763-02 – City & Guilds Level 2 Dog Groomers Assistant – Assessment Breakdown

On Site at Training Centre:

Practical Assessment 1: Assess, groom out, bath and dry a dog, and clip nails
Practical Assessment 2: Cleaning bathing area, equipment (electrical & non electrical)
Practical Assessment 3: Fitting a muzzle
Practical Assessment 4: Lifting achondroplastic breeds
Practical Assessment 5: Receiving or booking in a dog
Practical Assessment 6: Remove excess hair and carry out a basic trim
Q&A Test: 4 X Short question & answer papers under exam conditions
002 Task D: Identify how to remove knots and tangles prior to bathing and grooming

1 x online multiple choice exam (30 minutes) – taken on-site at the end of the course

In own Time: Worksheets & Written Assignments
002 Task F: Health and safety, codes of practice and best practice guidance
003 Task D: Maintenance of equipment and waste disposal
004 Task E: Outline PPE
004 Task F: Present evidence to identify safe usage of restraint equipment
005 Task H: Maintenance schedule
005 Task I: Identify hazards

7863-03 – City & Guilds Level 3 Dog Grooming Diploma – Assessment Breakdown

On Site at Training Centre:

Practical Assessment 1: Risk assessment 
Practical Assessment 2: Client consultation,  style coat type 1
Practical Assessment 3: Style coat type 2
Practical Assessment 4: Style coat type 3, clean and maintain equipment
Practical Assessment 5: Health check, style coat type 4

Practical Assessment 6: Carry out first aid

*** Coat types are; wool mix, drop coat, hand strip and breed standard trim***

There will also be written assignments and worksheets to complete to help you research and revise for the theory side of the qualification. These are to be completed both on-site and as part of home study.

1 x online written exam – to be sat under full exam conditions (2hrs). This exam is held twice a year in June and November at an external site and you will be given a choice of which month you want to sit it following completion of the practical and theory assessments.

7763-03 – Dog Grooming Diploma
If you have already achieved your City & Guilds 7763-03 Level 3 Introductory and you are still within the 3 year registration period, you can go on to complete the Diploma which consists of 3 set units as follows:

1. Unit 19 – Spaniel
2. Unit 20 – Short Legged Terrier
3. Either Unit 21 – Poodle OR Unit 22 – Long Legged Terrier/Schnauzer

These units can be completed all on one day or one at a time on different exam dates.
You must provide your own dogs.